About me... 

About me...
I am an enthusiastic photographer from The Netherlands with a distinct preference for landscapes, architecture and infrastructural objects.

Why these topics? Nature offers us insane beauty but we manage not to see that. Photography takes me back to where it once started: pure nature. With all colours and textures possible provided by the everchanging light. I see it as my goal to not only witness this but trying to capture this and share it with anyone interested. As beauty does not stop with a lack of colour, I have added some black & white images to my collection as well.

As for architecture and infrastructural objects, I consider these as 'manufactured landscapes'  and therefore interesting. They are around us all day, every day. We live in buildings, we work in buildings, we commute to work using bridges, railways and all other kinds of infrastructure. We keep our feet dry thanks to extensive waterworks. Have you ever stopped and wondered how these are designed? Some clever fellow started drawing that bridge once, making it smart and eye-catching. It was one day an idea in someones head and now we can see it, use it and admire it. The latter we often forget. 

Hope you like what you see. I would love to know what you think. Please let me know.


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