July 2017 - Image used for Solitaire Bliss game  

One of my images made on the Isle of Arran in Scotland can now be chosen as one of the themes at online gaming website http://solitairebliss.com. Here you can find all kinds of Solitaire games, waiting for you to play them.

Needless to say that I feel very privileged to find out that my image was selected for this. I encourage you to check the site out and let me know what you think.

April 2017 - Exhibition with photo collective Cool Click  

April 2017 - Exhibition with photo collective Cool Click  From April 22nd until May 6th, photo collective Cool Click offers an exhibition of photo's made by its members. Among these, two of my images are included. Location is the Cultuurfabriek in Veenendaal, The Netherlands. The exhibition is free accessible during the regular opening hours of the venue. 

January 2017 - Solo exhibition in Tilburg 

January 2017 - Solo exhibition in Tilburg From the 28th of January until th 25th of February 2017, I will run an solo exhibition of a selection of my photographs at Carecenter Het Laar at the Generaal Winkelmanstraat 175 in TIlburg, The Netherlands. In 28 frames I will show you landscapes from The Netherlands, Scotland and Iceland. The exhibition is free accessible during the regular opening hours of the care center.

December 2016 - New Gallery 'Iceland' added! 

Although I am still in working on processing the many images I shot in Iceland in September, I have uploaded a first batch of final results in a new gallery. More will be added in due time. Hope you like them!

November 2016 - Group Exhibition Camera Club Zone V  

November 2016 - Group Exhibition Camera Club Zone V  During the months of November and December 2016, Camera Club Zone V runs a small exhibition at De Dissel community center in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. While I am still part of this club, one of my images is included here.

July 2016 - New gallery 'Netherlands III'  added 

I have been busy touring my home country over the last few months and I ended up with a bunch of images of which I think they should be put on display on this website. A few I have added to the existing galleries 'Netherlands I' and 'Netherlands II' but since there are too many I have decided to introduce an additional gallery, conveniently named 'Netherlands III' to give these images a new home. I hope you like them!

April 2016 - US galleries added 

I have added two galleries with some images from a trip through the South West of the USA back in 2008. I have recently re-edited these images and am now much happier with the results. I do hope you like them as well.
Furthermore I have cleaned up some other gallieries so you may miss a few images here and there. No worries, this is all intended to keep my best work on display.

April 2016 - Group Exhibition Veenendaal 

April 2016 - Group Exhibition Veenendaal From April 2nd until April 9th, two of my images are on display at De Cultuurfabriek, Kees Stipplein 74 in Veenendaal, The Netherlands. These images are part of a group exhibition by the Facebook-group 'Cool Click Community' which ensures a high quality standard of images. I feel proud to be part of this group and am thrilled that my images are allowed into this exhibition.

April 2016 - Solo Exhibition in Tilburg! 

April 2016 - Solo Exhibition in Tilburg! During the entire months of April and May 2016, 28 of my landscape images are on display at Servicecentre Het Laar, Generaal Winkelmanstraat 175 in Tilburg. Should you be in the neighborhood....

March 2016 - Image Published 

I am happy to announce that once again, one of my images was selected for publication by CameraPixo. This time their on-line magazine 'HOT SHOTS Being Published Matters no.2'  features one of my images from the Mystic-series. Have a loot at: http://camerapixo.com/publications/being-published-matters-2

February 2016 - Images Published 

I am happy to share that again two of my images are featured in a CameraPixo publication: '24/7 Black & White Photography 03 - volume 2'. A truly great opportunity to see my pictures alongside the images of the best fine art photographers in the world.

Please have a look at http://camerapixo.com/publications/24-7-black-white-2

February 2016 - Images Published 

I am proud to announce that two of my images are featured in CameraPixo's '24/7 Black & White Photography 03 - volume 1' publication. Volume 2 will be released in due time and will hopefully show a few more of my images.

Please have a look at htt;//issuu.com/camerapixo/docs/camerapixo-bw03-online...

January 2016 - eBook available! 

My friends at CameraPixo created an eBook on me with a selection of the images I made during the last few years. I am very proud and honoured to be acknowledged in my photographic work. The eBook can be viewed at http://issuu.com/camerapixo/docs/ebook_portfolio_frank_hoogeboom?e=1506600/32507104

Let me know what you think.

December 2015 - Series 'Reminiscence' added. 

I've spent a week on the Isle of Sky in Scotland last October. We were blessed with wonderful conditions so I was able to do a lot of photography. After months of selecting and processing, the final series is ready and added to this site at the page 'Scotland II'. I have called the series 'Reminiscence'  since going through the images during post-production brought some wonderful memories back to me. I hope you enjoy. Again, should you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

October 2015 - I'm still here! 

Yes, I know it has been a while since I have posted some updates here. That doesn't mean I haven't been busy at all. I am going through a methodically revamp of this website (you may have noticed this), allowing me to draw attention to both my creative (landscape) and commercial (architecture/infrastructure) type of work. In the last few months I have travelled extensively and will add some new images to this site in the months to come. So stay tuned! Additionally I am preparing a solo exhibition in Tilburg (NL) that will run from mid March until the end of April 2016. Details will follow in due time.

2014 - Jubilee Exhibition Camera Club Zone V 

During the month of September 2014, Camera Club Zone V from Amersfoort in The Netherlands will be hosting an exhibition to honor their 5-year anniversary. Location of this venue is the central trainstation of Amersfoort. No less than 38 large format images are on display. Should you rush by in order to catch your train, opt for a later one and take your time to have a good look at these images.

2014 - Series added 

Series 'Day's End', 'Standing Strong' and 'Washed Up'  were added to the France gallery in the Landscape section. All of these images were made during a trip to the Opal Coast in Northern France.

2014 - Series Rising added 

Series Rising added to the gallery. This is a set containing 12 images made at Cap Gris-Nez at the Opale shore in France. 

2014 - Solo exhibition expanded! 

My current modest solo-exhibition at De Gasteling has been expanded. Next to the 7 images that were already on display at the cafeteria section, an additional 20 images are now displayed at the room behind it, called Marktplaats. De Gasteling is the cafeteria/restaurant belonging to the St.Pieters & Bloklands Gasthuis, a home for the elderly. It is, however, normally accessible to anyone. Entrance is free.

Needless to say that the prints on display are also available at my webshop: frankhoogeboom.werkaandemuur.nl. 

2014 - Solo exhibition at Café De Gasteling 

From January 20th 2014 onwards I will have my first solo exhibition of my work at Café De Gasteling in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. In due time, I will be able to display many additional images at the restaurant part of this complex. The end dates are yet unknown.

Admission is free during the opening hours of the café/restaurant.

2013 - Exhibition at Hoogland Public Library 

From 18th June until 14th September 2013, the members of Camera Club Zone V show their work at the public library of Hoogland (The Netherlands). Some images from me are also on display. Admission is free during the opening hours of the library. 

2012 - Exhibition 'Verbinding' ('Connection') with cameraclub Zone V 

Cameraclub Zone V displays various photo's around the theme 'Verbinding'  ('Connection') at ICOON in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Among these images, three are mine.

Start date: 8 December 2012
End date: 31 January 2013


2012 - Amersfoort Fotostad / International Photography Bi-annual GRID 2012 

2012 - Amersfoort Fotostad / International Photography Bi-annual GRID 2012

Exhibition with cameraclub Zone V and three other cameraclubs from Amersfoort at location Bloemweg 73, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Landscape & Nature
Start date: 18 May 2012
End date: 31 May 2012

Start date: 31 May 2012
End date: 14 June 2012

Start date: 14 June 2012
End date: 28 June 2012

Start date: 28 June 2012
End date: 13 July 2012

2012 - Scandinavia market at  Schokland 2012 

Exhibition with fellow Nordic Vision travellers to the Lofoten.

Location: Schokland Museum, Schokland, The Netherlands (UNESCO Heritage Site)
Start date: 21 april 2012
End date: 22 april 2012

2011 - Cameraclub Zone V - Annual Exhibition 2011 

Annual exhibition with cameracllub Zone V at ICOON art centre in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Start date: 9 November 2011
End date: 1 December 2011

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